An exhaustive and rigorous selection process is used with Hair Trigger to ensure that no excellent story--whatever the voice, subject, or approach--will be overlooked.  Our appreciation goes to the student editors, chosen for their own ability as writers and readers, who work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of this literary journal.

The acquisition editors are charged with the task of closely reading and evaluating each story; they help to comprise a collection that reflects the broad range of writing creativity in our workshops, and stories that meet the standard of excellence that has become the hallmark of Hair Trigger.  Respect for the writer, for content, for form, for point of view and language, and vividness of telling, characterize the selections printed in this volume.

The Hair Trigger production editors assume the work of proofreading, copyediting, and composing the narrative arc of the anthology.  Their process involves collaborating with the contributing writers with the goal of realizing the fullest potential of each manuscript, while honoring authorial intent, voice, and overall impact.



    Arely Anaya, Natalie Benson-Greer, Guthrie Blechman, Corrin Bronersky, Allison Darhun, Katori Hinton, Janae Iloreta, Mulan Matthayasack, Shaniece Rattler, Aliza Rizvi, Sidney Thompson, Erin Threlkeld, and Bethany Tomasian

    Elijah Abarbanel, Alison Brackett, Gabriela Everett, Katie Lynn Johnston, Mulan Matthayasack, Kaitlyn Palmer, Benjamin Peachey, Margaret Smith, and Tracie Taylor

    Alexis Pride

    Cora Jacobs

    Lydia Bhattacharya is currently a junior at Columbia College Chicago studying Television Production. Before working with Hair Trigger, she worked for The McGill Daily at McGill University as the multimedia editor, and then eventually coordinating editor and board member. The last book Lydia read (and loved) was Normal People by Sally Rooney. Her favorite podcasts are Modern Love and This American Life. When Lydia isn’t listening to podcasts on her commute, you can find her taking pictures of her cats Kronos and Miya. Lydia is now an editing and production intern at the podcast Hand Her the Mic.